TAMID – The Israeli Association for Myelodisplastic Syndrome
The founders of TAMID – a non-profit foundation, are all volunteers who acknowledge the importance of the viable medical treatment, as well as the supporting environment for the community of MDS patients and their families, through enhanced information sharing platforms and expanded research resources
1.We have founded TAMID in order to cater for the patients’ needs and assist their supporting relatives.
2.The founders of TAMID are patients, family members of patients, and leading Hematologists from several medical institutions in Israel all volunteering to pursue the vision of improving MDS patients' quality of life.
3.The goal of the members of TAMID are to support the patients and their families by:
  • Providing approachable information, intended for those without a medical background.
  • Enabling personal support to patients and their families, on a voluntary basis, within the community.
  • Developing and promoting the awareness to the disease within the public and the medical teams.
  • Funding revolutionary medical treatments which are currently inaccessible to patients, including new treatments as well as protocols used for other hematologic diseases that are believed to be effective in MDS, and create a pedestal for the discussion about the inclusion of these treatments in the public health insurance. 
4.TAMID is proud with its board members who represent several leading medical centers in Israel, unbounded to any treatment approach, pursuing the patients' well-being.
5.TAMID members are committed to promote and enhance the collaboration between various medical institutions, in multiple centers' research, in order to enable accessibility to international trials and resources thus enabling the promotion and implementation of new cutting-edge treatments.
6.TAMID will operate in full transparency while maintaining the privacy and secrecy we believe our patients are entitled to.
7.TAMID is a non-profit organization, and will use all proceeds to pursue its goals.

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עמותת ת.מ.י.ד תסמונת מיאלודיספלסטית , טל: 052-2728966  כתובת : רחוב חגי 11, רמת גן 52246 דוא"ל:office@mds.org.ilo

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